Find Grace with Grief

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Find Grace with Grief

When we break up with someone or lose a loved one, we immediately fixate on "moving on."  But it's actually okay to remember.  If a song, a scent, a sensation reminds you of a moment with someone you love, don't give that away.  Embrace it.

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Dr. Elizabeth Kubler Ross developed the 5 Stages of Grief as a model to help people move through their grieving process.  Note: There is no specific order in which individual's grieve.

And each stage will have a significant and powerful impact on how you grieve.  In order to grieve in a healthy way you must understand what each stage means, and how to work through each stage with grace.

For: Anyone dealing with a loss, or a break-up.

I would like to dedicate this program to Crystal and Ivory Benton, and Sabrina Jeter-Chambers, Serena Jeter and Tonya Jeter, Jackie Williams, Michelle Robinson, and the Chamber brothers.

50% of the proceeds will go to TCF of Durham and Kelly, NC


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